Sample Color Swatch


  • $ 7.99

Sample color swatches include Red Mahogany, Dark Walnut, Early American, Special (light) Walnut, Golden Oak, and Grey.


Color Swatches are stained and clear coated. Because all wood stains slightly different, there is some variation in color. Sample colors are great to give you an idea of what the color will be similar to your product, but may not be exactly the same. 


Grain / Color NOTICE:

Because our furniture is crafted from solid real wood, there will be variation in color and grain pattern. Products in the images have been crafted from the same species of wood and stained with the exact same stain color as the product you will receive. However, because wood is a natural product, no two pieces are the same. Depending on an individual piece of wood and grain pattern, the stain may take more or less resulting in the color variation. While every effort has been made to supply you with the most accurate photographic representation, you should expect some variation in your product.

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