Ways to Make Your Real Wood Bench Stand Out in Your Living Space

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Real wood benches offer a timeless and sturdy look that cannot be replicated by any other furniture material. Whether you choose a wood bench for your entryway, dining space, or living room, they provide an inviting, warm, and comfortable feel into your home. And, when it comes to wooden benches, there are endless customization options that can help you bring out the beauty of the natural wood grain. So, how can you make your real wood piece stand out in your living space? In this post, we will explore some ways to make your wood bench the focal point of your room.

Size Matters
The first thing you need to consider when looking for a real wood bench is the size. Depending on the size of your room, you want to choose a wooden bench that is proportional. Take measurements of the space, and ensure that the bench is not too big or too small. The ideal size of your bench will help mark your space and give it a sense of completion. If you have a large family and often have friends over for dinner parties, a longer wooden bench with no shelf would be a great fit for your dining space. A smaller bench with a shelf, on the other hand, can fit in your entryway and serve as a shoe bench or storage bench.

Stain It
Staining is another way to make your wood bench stand out. offers a wide range of stain options that can bring out the unique variations of the wood grain. Depending on the wood type, you can choose a classic natural look or add some character to your bench. For instance, if you have a pine wood bench, you can choose a light stain to showcase the knots and grains. Alternatively, a dark-colored stain like ebony can give your bench a sophisticated and modern look.

Choose a Focal Point
If you have a wood bench that stands alone in a room, create a focal point that will draw your guests' attention. You can place a fresh vase of flowers or a collection of books that complement your bench's color. You can also place a throw or some pillows on your bench, which would add a cozy feel to space. Adding a contrasting color to your décor can make your bench even more eye-catching.

Pair it with the Right Rug
While your wood bench is a statement piece in the room, pairing it with the correct rug can give your living space more depth and texture. You can look for a rug with similar wood color tones, but with patterns or textures that add contrast. You can also pick out a rug with a different color scheme from your bench but still complement your living space's overall vibe. A woolen rug with a warm and inviting texture can anchor your space and create warmth.

Get Creative
Finally, don't be afraid to add some unique details to your real wood bench. You can make it your DIY project and add some creative designs to it. You could add decorative trim, paint it in funky colors, add upholstery, or even attach different legs to give it a fresh, modern look. You could also ask a local artist to customize it by adding some engravings or carvings.

There is no limit to the creative ways you can use your real wood bench to make it an eye-catching addition to your living space. With the right size, stain, décor, and surrounding furniture, you can make your wood bench the focal point of the room, adding warmth, character, and inviting textures to space. Visit Ezekiel and Stearns to explore a diverse range of wood benches that you can customize and make your own.

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