How to Wow with Wood: Designing Your Home with Beautiful, Sturdy, and Custom Wood Accents

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Using wood accents is a wonderful way to bring natural warmth, texture, and beauty into your home. Whether you're looking to revamp your living room, dining area, or bedroom, designing with wooden furniture can elevate the look of your space, and add character to your decor. When looking to incorporate wood accents into your interior design, it is important to choose pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also strong and sturdy. In this blog post, we'll guide you through different types of wooden furniture, and offer some tips for choosing the right pieces, as well as inspire you with different ways to use benches as a versatile wood accent in your home.

Start with simple but strong furniture

When selecting wooden furniture items for your home, a good place to start is with the basics. Find a wooden bench that complements your aesthetic and style, and one that's made to last. An entryway bench, for instance, is an excellent option for anyone looking for a functional and stylish piece to put on display in their entry area. A mudroom bench, on the other hand, serves as a way to keep shoes and boots organized while creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Whether it's for practical use or just as a decorative element, finding a strong and sturdy wooden bench made of pine or other real wood that will withstand the test of time is the first step to a great interior.

Customize with no shipping

One of the benefits of using wooden furniture accents is the ability to create custom pieces that can match the tone and theme of your space. A customized bench, for example, can add an extra touch of creativity into your living room or bedroom while providing additional seating or storage. At Ezekiel and Stearns, we offer custom woodwork options that allow you to tailor a real wood bench to your exact specifications, ensuring that you get the perfect piece that matches your taste and style. Our customized furniture items include dining benches, living room benches, children's benches among others. Furthermore, homeowners can appreciate our free shipping on customized woodwork which reduces their overall costs.

Sustainable and timeless

When it comes to adding wooden accents to your home, there's no need to overdo it. A single, timeless piece of wooden furniture in a space can add a natural but stylish touch to your home decor. So when it comes to choosing your wooden furniture, think about longevity and sustainability. Quality wood benches made from pinewood and other natural materials make for a durable and eco-friendly give you a long-lasting addition to your home, while also being less harmful to the environment.

Use benches for versatility

One of the benefits of using wooden benches as accent pieces in a home is their versatility. Benches can serve as additional seating at the dinner table or in the living room, provide storage in the mudroom, or even as a decorative element in the bedroom. A dining bench, for example, can provide extra seating when hosting guests around the dinner table. A living room bench, on the other hand, can serve as a quick seating choice while reducing overcrowding on the sofa. The possibilities are endless.

Incorporating wood accents into your home decor adds natural warmth, texture, and beauty to your space. With so many unique and timeless furniture options to choose from, there is surely a wood bench out there that will perfectly complement your decor and style. Whether you're adding a simplistic entryway bench to the foyer, or more custom pieces throughout your home, the natural beauty and timeless feel of high-quality wooden furniture from Ezekiel and Stearns will help elevate your interior design scheme and wow your guests.

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