How to create unique designs using different types of woods in an entryway bench

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Real wood, solid wood bench, dining bench, storage bench, pinewood bench, longleaf pine, and more. Confused about which wood to choose for your entryway bench? No worries! We've got you covered. In this blog post, we will share some tips on how to use different types of wood in combination to create unique designs with colors, textures, and visual interest. So, whether you're looking for a sturdy and hardy bench or a bench that can be customized to fit perfectly with your home décor, has got the perfect bench for you.

1. Choose contrasting woods for visual interest:
One way to create a unique design is to choose contrasting woods that complement each other. For example, if you use light-colored woods like maple, birch, or ash, you can contrast them with a darker wood like cherry, mahogany, or walnut. The result is a bench that is visually striking and adds depth to your entryway.

2. Use different wood styles:
Another way to create a unique design is to use different wood styles like reclaimed or distressed wood. These types of wood add texture and interest to your bench. A reclaimed wood bench, for example, can bring a rustic feel to your entryway, while a distressed wood bench can add character and charm.

3. Play with wood grains:
Wood grains are unique to each type of wood and can add visual interest to your entryway bench. To create a unique design, you can use woods with different grain patterns like oak, maple, or walnut. Using different wood grains can create a striped or chevron pattern, which is visually striking.

4. Combine light and dark woods:
If you want a bench that makes a statement, consider combining light and dark woods. You can use light woods for the bench's seat and legs and dark woods for the bench's backrest and armrests. The contrast of the two wood tones will create a bold, sophisticated look.

5. Choose a wood with a story:
Lastly, when selecting woods, consider choosing a wood with a story, like longleaf pine. Longleaf pine is a sturdy and hardy wood that has been used for centuries in construction and carpentry. Using a wood with a long history not only adds a unique visual interest to your bench but also provides a story to share with visitors.

Designing an entryway bench that fits your home décor is easy when you know how to use different types of woods in combination. You can choose contrasting woods for visual interest, experiment with different wood styles, play with wood grains, combine light and dark woods, or even choose a wood with a story. At, we offer a wide range of custom wood benches that are perfect for your home. So, go ahead, get inspired, and create a unique piece that reflects your style and personality.

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