Easy Ways to Make Your Small Space Look Larger with Wooden Accents

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When living in small apartments or houses, it is natural to feel cramped and suffocated. However, with effective techniques, you can easily create a spacious and cozy aura in your small space. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by adding wooden accents to the interiors. Wooden accents present themselves in numerous styles, patterns, and finishes, catering to every taste and style. Moreover, an accent bench, storage bench, shoe bench, or seating bench made of sturdy real wood such as pinewood can add years to your furniture's lifespan and will serve as a statement piece in your small space.

Let's delve deeper into the many ways you can incorporate wooden accents into your home to instantly create the illusion of more space.

1. Entryway Bench -

An entryway bench made of real wood is the perfect way to create additional storage space and a functional seating area. The Ezekiel and Stearns' entryway bench is a great option as it comes with padded cushions for additional comfort. The bench also doubles as an entryway shoe bench as the cushions lift to reveal a storage space that is both stylish and practical.

2. Storage Bench-

If you're looking to add extra storage space within your small apartment, a storage bench is an excellent solution. Plus, with the added strength of a wooden storage bench, you won't have to worry about it breaking down after only a few months of use. A well-crafted storage bench, such as the oak and walnut models on, can fit the bill by storing off-season clothes or outdoor gear.

3. Seating Bench-

Seating benches, like storage benches, are multi-functional addition. A wooden seating bench isn't merely a place to sit; it's also a place to store household essentials, making it perfect for the living room or bedroom. A wooden breakfast nook bench with a cozy cushion is a must for intimate sit-down meals and casual entertaining. The black walnut and cherry blossom benches from Ezekiel and Stearns offer beautiful finishes that can add a touch of elegance to any living space.

4. Accent Bench-

An accent bench is an excellent way to create a focal point in a small living space. A wooden accent bench with a modern or rustic finish will enhance the ambiance of the room. You can choose from different types of finishes such as pressure-treated, wax-treated, and stained finishes. An accent bench such as the barnwood iron accent bench on adds a touch of rustic charm and aesthetic appeal to any room.

5. Durability-

Choosing real wood over composite pressed wood ensures your accent, shoe, seating or storage bench lasts for years to come. Pine wood is the most popular hardwood for bench-like furniture due to its affordable price and versatility of finishes. Pine doesn't dent or scratch easily, making it the perfect wood for those who live in small apartments with pets or children.

Wooden accents such as the entryway bench, storage bench, seating bench, and accent bench can transform small living spaces by making them appear larger and more spacious. Moreover, incorporating this type of furniture made of real wood adds an aesthetic charm that is unmatched by composite pressed wood or cheap alternatives. For the best and most durable pieces, you should visit where you can choose from an array of stunning and robust benches fit for every type of space. With these tips and tricks, you'll have the perfect tools to create a comfortable, cozy home in your small space.

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