Caring for your Ezekiel & Stearns Farm Table

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A dining table is often the centerpiece of whatever room it’s in. We design our tables to show off their distinct natural character with that in mind. We also build them with a focus on durability so that over the years you, your family, and friends can wear a unique identity into it. With a little TLC it’s likely that your E&S table (or bench) can last for generations.

Avoiding extreme or constant heat (fire places, radiators) is a basic step you can take to keep your table looking good, but caring for a solid wood E&S table is fairly simple.

One easy thing to do is to give it an occasional cleaning and polish. You don’t need anything fancy or expensive when it comes to your E&S table. All of our tables receive a polyurethane finish which seals the wood, resists watermarks and scratches, and makes it easy to clean.  It also means you don’t have to worry about expensive and messy oil refinishers or waxes.

A basic and affordable polish/cleaner like Pledge works just fine, which is what we use to polish and clean the furniture in our own showroom.

If you’re looking for an easy in-expensive eco-friendly DIY option mix a ½ gallon of water with a ½ cup of white vinegar. Regular soap and water will work too. If you decide to use something stronger, such as an oil soap like Murphy’s, be sure to use just a little and dilute it adequately to avoid an oily mess and filmy residue. Too much oil soap can ruin a wood finish. An occasional cleaning with Pledge or a vinegar-water mix is ideal.We hope you can enjoy your Ezekiel & Stearns farm table for years to come. A quick cleaning can keep it looking fresh even while you make it your own.

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