5 Unique Areas to Place a Real Wood Bench

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Real wood benches are not only functional, but they also add beauty and warmth to any space. They can provide extra seating, create a cozy reading nook or simply serve as a decorative piece of furniture. In this blog post, we will explore five unique areas to place a real wood bench. From your entryway to your bedroom, we'll show you how to incorporate a wooden bench into your home décor.

1. Entryway: The entryway is the first thing your guests see when they walk into your home. A real wood bench is a wonderful addition to this space, providing a place to sit down when lacing up shoes or taking off boots. You can also add storage underneath the bench to keep shoes, hats, and gloves organized and out of the way. A stained pinewood bench from can add a touch of natural beauty to your entryway décor.

2. Garden: A real wood bench is a great way to create a peaceful retreat in your garden. Whether you place it under a tree or next to a water feature, a wooden bench can provide a serene place to relax in nature. Choose a bench made from durable wood such as teak or cedar to withstand the elements and ensure years of comfortable outdoor seating.

3. Bedroom: A real wood bench in the bedroom is not only functional, but it can also add a stylish touch. A wooden storage bench at the end of your bed can provide extra storage for blankets or pillows, while also creating a cozy seating area for reading or putting on shoes. Choose a bench that complements your bedroom furniture and décor.

4. Dining Room: A real wood bench can add a rustic touch to your dining room. Use it as seating on one side of the table, or place it against the wall and add decorative pillows for a comfortable and stylish seating area. A wooden bench pairs well with a wooden table and wooden chairs, creating a cohesive look.

5. Living Room: In the living room, a real wood bench can be used as a coffee table or console table. Choose a bench in a variety of lengths to fit your space and use it to display decorative objects or store books and magazines. A wooden bench can add warmth and texture to a modern or traditional living room.

A real wood bench can be a versatile and functional piece of furniture in any home. From the entryway to the bedroom, a wooden bench can provide extra seating, storage, and style. At, we offer a variety of stain options and lengths to fit your décor needs. Whether you choose a storage bench, shoe bench, or simply a decorative bench, a real wood bench can add natural beauty to your living space.

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